TwinGo Original Baby Carrier Review

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier Review

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier Review

Spending some quality time with your newborn is essential for both the baby and you. It is no news that a baby will grow the strongest bonds with you within their first initial months into the world. You always have to be around them to make sure that they feel safe and loved. It has been proven that babies who have had more one on one time with parents grow up to be calmer and more relaxed toddlers.

Now, here is the thing, though, as much as you love your bundle of joy, life does not stop there nor cut you a slack to give you the opportunity to enjoy new parenthood. Your boss does not care that you have an infant to tend to; he needs his presentation mailed. Your rather brat of a 6 year old does not care either. He demands fried chicken for school lunch almost every day. Neither do your dying plants in the garden, or the dirty dishes in the sink. Going about your day with the usual normalcy is not as easy when you have an infant in your arms. And the stress is twice is intense when the stork leaves you with twins one morning. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

Well, one way to bond with your babies while getting a move on with daily life is through always keeping them with you, literally. The smartest way to get the best of both worlds is by using a baby carrier. These nifty little underdogs are what are going to keep you from going a little insane for the first few years of parenthood. These devices that made to carry on the baby on you, back or front, through strong and careful harness system. This way you can have your baby, attached to you at all times without having to stop any of your other important tasks and errands that need to be taken care of as well. So, to help a friend in distress, today I’ll review to you the TwinGo Original Baby carrier. Here it is:

About TwinGo

TwinGo is the first ever twin baby carrier designed to carry one or two of similar or varied sizes and weights. It works great with children of different ages, and can be worn as a dual carrier for 1 baby or divided into separate carriers for 2 babies. 2 carriers can be worn by one person at the same time; one at the front and one on the back, or, they can be carried by two adults separately! What makes TwinGo so special is that is a project and product made by a mother of twins herself! Their products are made keeping in mind all the problem she has had to face with her then premature children. This is one company that will definitely understand and value the emotions of parents!

Features of the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

The TwinGo Original Baby carrier is the original and first ever model of the baby carrier by the company. It is ideal for light premature babies to the usual general babies as well. The TwinGo fits on wearers from 4 ft 11” to 6 ft 5”. It has large pockets, and accommodates a tandem facility seating. Purchase includes 1 base carrier with blue interior, 1 attachment carrier with orange interior, 1 extra shoulder strap, 2 sleep hoods for each carrier, 2 convertible pockets. It is made with high quality soft, but sturdy, fabric that ensure your baby’s comfortable as well as safety.


The TwinGo Original Baby carrier comes with super soft 100% cotton hoods which are detachable too; you can detach them anytime you not need them. It has a single strap padded designed to hold 70 lbs combined! Its body is made to support both babies and toddlers with equal comfort. The fabric used on the carriers is made with 100% washable cotton.

What I think everyone will appreciate about this twin carrier is that is designed to fit petite wearers, as well as the taller ones that is from 4’ 11” to 6’5”. One other really neat feature on this is a treat to all the wearers: it has super large pockets that let you carry diapers in it. Gone are the days of funny-looking diapers bags on your shoulder to the park! It also has interlocking waist belts that adjust 2 ways. The TwinGo Original Baby carrier collapses into a small mass, making it ideal for storage and travel.


The TwinGo Original Baby carrier is a well deserved sigh of relief for parents all over. It comes with some pretty neat safety features that are sure to give you confidence over this twin carrier over any other. The TwinGo Original Baby carrier’s back carrier is for babies over 4 months old and has a strong back and neck support. It has a weight limit of 40 pounds and should be used to carry the large of the heavier baby. The lighter baby should go on in the front carrier, and is ideal for babies 10 pounds to fewer than 35 pounds. Each carrier has safety loops on the straps to prevent slipping, and also comes with a seat belt for added security.

The TwinGo Original Baby carrier, along with all products from TwinGo, is tested before mass supply. It is also certified for EN, ASTM and CPSIA safety standards. You would be lying if you said this does not impress you!

Pros: TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

  1. The TwinGo Original Baby carrier is 2 in 1 combo carrier
  2. It cuts that cost of purchasing 2 carriers
  3. This baby carrier is made with high-quality materials and is very sturdy and robust.
  4. It has large pockets that eliminate the need to carry diaper bags


  1. It does not come with a hydration system pouch

Twingo Baby Carrier Instruction (Video)

Here is how to assemble and load two children in the TwinGo Carrier :


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

  • Where is it made?

Answer: It is made in the USA.

  • Does it come in any other colors?

Answer: It comes in a set of blue and orange carrier colors.


The TwinGo Original Baby carrier is a fantastic option for wearer looking for comfort and stability. It could serve 1 child with 2 carriers or 2 children at the same time with the 2 carriers. This baby carrier has been designed with utmost motherly dedication and attention to details. It has a great weight limit and is great for travel. I would definitely recommend this carrier to anyone.

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