How To Use Ergo Baby Carrier : Detailed Guide with Videos

How to use Ergo baby carrier

How to use Ergo Baby Carrier- Detailed Instruction

There are various styles of baby carriers. One of the most popular styles and the best baby carrier is an ergo baby carrier. They are suitable to carry the baby in different positions. You can carry your baby in the front position, back position and some other positions. They are roomy to accommodate the baby with the perfect fitting. If you want to know how to use ergo baby carrier properly, stay tuned with me. Here I am going to write a detailed article about the using process of the ergo baby carrier.

Here are the things which you needed to know about an Ergo baby carrier.

How to Use Ergo baby carrier?

If you are going to use the ergo baby carrier to carry a newborn baby in it, read the instructions to wear it properly. To wear an Ergo baby carrier, first find a flat area where you will stand to wear the baby carrier. Now stand on that place and take the carrier to wear. Firstly, set the waist belt properly and wear it in the right position. Set the buckles in the proper place and adjust them with your body to carry the baby. Make sure that the waist belt is in the center of your body and then tight the waist belt. Now, loosen the shoulder straps and the adjust straps to set the baby. After doing this process, you are ready to use the carrier.

How to Place the Baby in the Front Position?

Carrying the baby in the front position is the most popular way to carry a baby with the ergo baby carrier. This position keeps the baby in the face to face position which helps the mom to make a god connect with the baby. But you need to make sure that you have kept the baby in the proper position for the best spinal and head support.

Now set the baby carrier in a flat area. Now lay down the baby in the carrier. Hold the baby and lift the carrier yourself to your chest. Hold the baby with one hand and use the other hand to fit the legs of the baby in the proper position. With your left hand, slip-up the left arm through the left strap of your shoulder and position the strap over the shoulder for the proper placing. In the same manner, slip the right hand through the right strap and wear the shoulder strap properly for the proper placing. Now your baby in the right place and you need to adjust the buckles. Use your both hands to adjust the buckles of the carrier to do this task. If needed, also tighten up the shoulder straps for the safety of the baby. It will help you to keep your baby close to you. But make sure that your baby is remaining comfortable in that position. You can see the video below:

Removing Baby from the Front Carry Position

Like placing the baby in the proper place, it is also important to remove the baby properly from the baby carrier. Firstly, loosen the shoulder straps and maintain the baby with one hand. Now smoothly remove the shoulder straps. Also, remove the waist belt and the baby then falls away. You are ready to remove the baby from the carrier.

How to Place the Baby in the Back Position?

This position is not suitable for newborn babies. This position is only suitable for those babies who can keep the head up. For the safety of the baby, use this position for babies who is above six months. Like the front position set the waist belt at first. After setting the waist belt properly, carry the baby with the carrier and set in the back position carefully. Now gradually tighten up the shoulder straps. Also, adjust the buckles of the carrier to make sure that your baby is remaining in the proper place and secured. Don’t tight the buckles too much. Otherwise, it may be painful for your child. Also, make sure that the child is in a breathable position to keep the baby in a cool and comfortable position.

Removing the Baby from the Back Position

You can use the same process to remove the baby from the back position to the front position. Just make sure you are holding the baby properly to keep him secured. Loosen the shoulder straps gradually for the safety.

How to place the baby in the hip position?

Here is a video instruction below:

Hope that now you clearly know how to use an Ergo baby carrier.

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